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GulfCheats is a promise of safe, effective and satisfying gameplay for every player. Our undetected Hacks are a guarantee that your time spent playing games will be full of joy and success. With us, you can be sure that you will receive the best features, cutting-edge tools and reliable support that will give you an advantage over the competition. Our team of experienced specialists are constantly working to improve our cheats to provide you with the best possible gaming experience. Join GulfCheats today and see how we can change your gaming experience forever.

Our products are primarily designed to operate on Windows 10, although some may also function on Windows 11. We strongly advise reviewing the product description prior to purchase to confirm compatibility with your pc. In certain cases, adjustments to BIOS settings such as secure boot, TPM, or virtualization may be necessary.

Our assortment includes a wide selection of cheats for the most popular games, such as Valorant, Rust, Fortnite, Escape from Tarkov and DayZ. Our priority is continuous development and providing our customers with access to the highest quality products. We plan to constantly expand our assortment with cheats for new, popular titles to meet the growing expectations of our community. We strive to build a trusted brand that offers reliable and innovative solutions for all gaming enthusiasts.

When the status shows that our cheat is undetected, it means that our software has not been detected by the anticheat system. However, although you won't get banned just by using the product, unfortunately you can get a manual ban if everyone reports you. We encourage you to use our cheats responsibly. Avoid being obviously identified as a cheater to reduce the risk of being reported by other players and minimize the chance of a ban. Therefore, we do not recommend using cheats on your main accounts so that you can enjoy the game without fear of losing your main account.


After purchasing from GulfCheats website you will automatically receive an email containing your cheat, and instructions on how to setup, and use it. – If for some reason you still cannot setup our cheats you can join our discord server and open ticket for support.

GulfCheats website is 100% Automated with instant delivery, as soon as the website receives the payment you should get an email within the minute! 

Yes, on every product page we display videos of the product in the action, head on over to the store and pick a product you like, then check the video and description of cheat.

If we were doing free trials it would end up instant detection by anticheat, so no there are no trials.

We do not offer refunds, all sales are final. Only situation that we giving refund is when there is issue on our side.

Many anti-cheat software programs function similarly to antivirus software, scanning various aspects of your computer, from binaries to system memory. To ensure our software remains undetected, we employ several techniques to evade detection. For instance, our software must be able to access game memory and inject files into specific directories without raising suspicion from vigilant scanning systems.

You might find it ironic that the methods we use closely resemble those of a trojan virus. When you download our hacks, the first action any antivirus software will take is to scan the file, which is standard procedure. However, due to the nature of our cheats, antivirus programs often flag them as potential threats and may proceed to delete, block, or disable certain components.

Therefore, it is crucial to disable ALL antivirus software when using our cheats. If you are uncomfortable with this requirement, we kindly ask that you refrain from considering game cheats altogether, as this measure is necessary for ALL cheats to function effectively.

Sorry, key sharing is not possible. Our GulfCheats are assigned to the first Hardware ID (HWID) on which they are used, which means that they are dedicated to a single user. We do not accept or allow key sharing with other people or friends. Each key is intended exclusively for one person and is closely related to his or her equipment.

Yes, we accept sellers. If you are interested in becoming one, please contact us via Discord. In most cases, we operate on the principle that we offer a 50% discount for the purchase of wholesale keys for our products.

We accept credit card payments through the Stripe payment gateway, as well as payments with all cryptocurrencies through Coinbase Commerce.


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