TPM Bypass + Hwid Spoofer



Need Unban in Valorant ? Try our TPM Bypass and Hwid Spoofer!



Windows PRO (10) DOWNLOAD WIN 10


Requeriments to work


Enable TPM 2.0

Enable Trusted Computing

Enable Secure Boot and clean/uninstall all secure boot keys


Enable PTT (Intel Platform Trust Technology) / TPM

Enable Trusted Computing / Intel Trust

Enable Secure Boot and clean/uninstall all secure boot keys

For the bypass to work you need to format the system and windows partitions using the recommended Windows(DOWNLOAD) to not lose your spoofer you also need to pause windows update and anti virus before using the spoofer

This bypass will only be effective using the windows recommended below, and it is also recommended to have done the formatting and complete spoofer process if you have been banned. The bypass is only effective on a new account, you will not be able to enter an account already banned by tpm before.

Steps to monitor spoof

Use the CRU app to spoofer the monitor

Follow the tutorial VÍDEO to spoof your monitor correctly

Remember that before carrying out the spoofer steps you need to have formatted, installed the drivers and flashed the bios as shown in our video tutorial

Steps to use spoofer

Remember not to update Windows, if you do you will lose the spoofer.

  1. Download the files on your pc after you have already looked and performed the necessary file steps and requeriments below.
  2. Password to extract file: 123
  3. Open loader put your key and log in and click
  4. Go to 2 option check your hwid, take a photo to compare your initial hwid
  5. After that, go to the last option in the menu and click on SPOOF, wait all process finish, it restart your pc automatic. (If the mouse is frozen for a long time, use CTRL+ALT+DEL to exit and restart the PC yourself)
  6. When you restart and go back to windows you will see a cmd opening automatically changing your MAC this will always change when restarting your pc as a security measure
  7. Open the spoofer again, enter it and check if your hwids are different from last time
  8. If everything changed correctly you can download Valorant and create a new account, you must restart your PC after installing Valorant, this always happens. When you return to Windows you must use the TPM bypass option.
  9. Done 🙂

Remember if you are a user who needs TPM bypass, you will have to use tpm every time you restart your pc before entering the game




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tpm bypassTPM Bypass + Hwid Spoofer
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